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Nutrivale, since 1986.

Our history began in 1986 in the interior of the state of Pernambuco, in the northeast region of Brazil, as a agricultural retail.

From 1996 onwards, we started pioneering the distribution of dog and cat food in our region.

After 12 years distributing pet food, in 2008 we inaugurated our pet food industry, with the most modern and safe production equipments.

We are based in the state of Pernambuco, which has a privileged geographical position with two international airports and a port, which makes our state a route for international trade.

Suape Port is one of the best and most modern public ports in Brazil, strategically located on the main maritime routes.

Suape is connected to more than 160 ports worldwide.

Our mission is to feed your pet with love.


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Razão Social: Piscicultura Pé de Coelho Ltda.

End.: Rodovia PE 05 • Km 25 • Distrito Industrial Santos Dumont, São Lourenço da Mata • PE

CNPJ: 03.552.876/0001-39

Fone: + 55 (81) 3525.6994



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